waris trading

Who are we?

Waris Traders is a leading expert in importing and trading rice and Pure Vegetable Cooking Oil established in Singapore. We offer products, including pure vegetable cooking oil and rice.

We bring together buyers and suppliers of products. We proudly serve as your privileged entrepreneur with our two diversified range of products.

We thrive on providing purity to our customers. Our experienced team has the skill-sets to get you on your way to a healthy life!

At Waris Traders, we ensure that both commercial consumers make it easier for their source partners to build trading and importing capacity.

Quality you can trust

We produce our products in our factories, ensuring that we maintain the highest quality standards for all our products. We also import from trusted suppliers to provide a wide range of choices for our customers.

Quality that lasts long

All our cooking oils are made with 100% pure vegetable oil, so you can be sure they have no preservatives. Our rice is also made from 100% pure rice grain, ensuring that it has a long shelf life and will not go rancid quickly.

Value for money

Waris Trading offers competitive prices on all its products - we won't be beaten on price!

Convenience at your fingertips

Our store is conveniently located at 15 Birch Road Singapore - find us easily and enjoy hassle-free shopping!

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